Chronoswiss Blockchain Series limited edition
(only 101 watches on each series)

Exclusive, limited edition, Swiss-made cryptocurrency watches

Working closely with the Japanese company Tech Bureau, Swiss watch brand Chronoswiss has created the Blockchain Series.

Characteristics of the Chronoswiss Blockchain Series

Five types of crypto-design

Created five luxurious crypto-design watches - Bitcoin (the currency)、NEM (the harvest)、Ethereum (the contract)、Zaif (the exchange)、COMSA (the token).

Limited -Only 101 each-

A corresponding serial number can be found on the partly skeletonized dial face of each watch. This engraved number will be a three digit number, from 001 to 101.

Sold exclusively via Zaif Exchange

The limited edition watches can be purchased by anyone registered on Zaif. The corresponding auctions will take place within specified time frames, with the watches listed in the same way as tokens.

How to purchase a watch of the Chronoswiss Blockchain Series


Start date:April 13, 2018, 6:00 (18:00) PM / JST
End date:April 27, 2018, 5:59 (17:59) PM / JST

- Stay tuned for more Blockchain Series Editions to come -
Upcoming designs: NEM - the harvest / Zaif - the exchange / COMSA - the token

starting bid price

The lowest bidding price is from 9000 franc (CHF) worth.

bidding method

1.The lowest bidding price will be 9000CHF worth of cryptocurrency (about 1 million JPY worth).
2.Please bid with your desired amount by the last bidding date and time (scheduled only one time on April 27, 2018). It is possible to change the price or cancel by the bidding due.
3.If these orders are neither within the 101 highest biddings nor less than the least bid amount, then they will be cancelled.
4.If these orders are neither within the 101 highest biddings nor less than the least bid amount, then they will be cancelled.

How to purchase

Open your account on Zaif Exchange

Registering on Zaif is easy. You will be required to enter your email address and password first. After that, please fill out your User information and upload identity documents (ex. driving licence) to complete identity verification. (eventually place Submit; Shipment of code will take approximately 3 weeks.

Deposit your crypto-currency into your account

Once the ID documents are uploaded, a letter including your ID code will be shipped to your address. Please enter your identification code on your Zaif account to enable you to deposit or trade. Please deposit the cryptocurrency corresponding to each model into your account or purchase it on Zaif Exchange.

Place your buy order on the Chronoswiss bidding page

Customers must place their bids as buy orders in the same way as buying cryptocurrency. The 101 highest bids per model will give the respective bidders legal ownership of one crypto-design watch.

About shipment

Acquired watches will be shipped starting from June 2018.


You need to register on Zaif Exchange and complete our KYC process.
We will inform you via this website if we terms or processes change.

About refund and exchange

The purchase of a Blockchain Series watch is final and binding upon the submission of the bid; Zaif does not accept returns or grants refunds on flawless products. In case of a defect watch, Chronoswiss can be contacted under this e-mail: The watch comes with a 2 year warranty.


Reception time; 10:00-18:00 / JST on weekdays